Class: UI

$3Dmol. UI

new UI(stateManager, config, parentElement)

$3Dmol.UI - UI creates panels in the viewer to assist control of the viewport

Name Type Description
stateManager $3Dmol.StateManager

StateManager is required to have interaction between glviewer and the ui.

config Object

Loads the user defined parameters to generate the ui

parentElement Object

Refers the parent division used to hold the canvas for 3Dmol.js


Form(specs, mainControl)

Creates Form input that takes input from different input element

Name Type Description
specs validSelectionSpec | validStyleSpec | validAtomSpec

the defination of spec is used as an input to generate the form

mainControl Object

Reference of variable to store the value from the form


This is a colection of contructor to make different input element


Generates the object to hold different icons present Icons : move, rotate, pencil, listArrow, option, minus, plus, painbrush, select,, move.pause, movie.stop,, move.previous, tick, cross, edit, remove, list, style, visible, invisible, mouse, nomouse, label, surface, molecule, change


Resize the panel with respect to the new viewport